scroll (plural: scrolls)

  1. A roll of paper or parchment; a writing formed into a roll; a schedule; a list.
  2. (Architecture): An ornament formed of undulations giving off spirals or sprays, usually suggestive of plant form. Roman architectural ornament is largely of some scroll pattern.
  3. A mark or flourish added to a person"s signature, intended to represent a seal, and in some States allowed as a substitute for a seal. [U.S.] Burrill.
  4. (Geometry): Same as Skew surface.

6 letters in word "scroll": C L L O R S.

No anagrams for scroll found in this word list.

Words found within scroll:

col coll colls cols cor cors cos lo lor los or orc orcs ors os roc rocs roll rolls sco so soc sol